Who can resist a delicious cupcake?

Not many of us, right?

Neither can the Shmick colourful critters...

Help our four fearless friends eat their fill by manoeuvring them to catch as many falling cupcakes as possible whilst trying to avoid the nasty pirate cupcakes, Barry the Bee and Wendy the Worm.

In this highly addictive game of precision and timing, you can prolong the excitement and gain extra lives by bumping the heart cupcakes as they float on down. Similarly, you can fast track your way to a new high score by securing bonus pointsfor nudging any cupcakes with a star.

Whichever way you play it, Shmick Cupcake Catch-a-thon will entertain for hours as the characters you have grown to love through the funky Shmick merchandise make their first foray into app land!

Have you got what it takes to head the catch-a-thon leader board?