“Shmick” is one of Australia’s hottest retail brands.

Born out of an endless quest to find chic yet affordable trend creating merchandise, the brand was founded in 2010 originally as a solely fashion stationery start up, providing unique and colourful stationery lines in funky packaging at amazing prices.

With the gracious support of so many progressive retailers nationwide, the brand has enjoyed exponential growth in recent times and is now sold in many of Australia’s leading retailers including gift shops, variety stores, newsagents, toy shops, party stores and boutiques.

From its humble beginnings, the ever increasing range of merchandise has now expanded into new territories including packaging and gifts, with the cornerstone product range our design and occasion based party ware for children and adults.   

Our distinctive party ware range is now one of the largest in Australia and is constantly being updated and modified as new trends emerge and fashions change. Our design team frequently travels the four corners of the globe to identify these trends and the fashions influencing Asia, Europe and the Americas.  These trends are then analysed at Shmick HQ and used as the developmental basis for our distinctive ranges of merchandise and packaging embellishments.

 Our use of bright colours and hip packaging combined with our extensive range of unique products ensures that even the most discerning consumer will find something to take home.

“Shmick” your life.  It will be more fun!